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A place where students become future leaders in sustainable finance

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Taking your sustainable finance career to higher grounds

Our society creates meaningful engagement with the sustainability grand challenge, by organising termly talks, reading groups, career events, socials, and excursions

Term card

What's on? Review upcoming events with the leaders that are transforming the sustainable finance field.

Social events

Engage with the future leaders and decision-makers in the financial sector that will tackle climate change.


Join the conversation about the latest financial innovations aligned with environmental, social and governance considerations.

Reading group

Get involved with our reading groups to improve your critical thinking about sustainability challenges from a financial perspective.

Who we are?
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Who we are?

OSFSS was co-founded in 2020 by the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group and the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme. As a student organisation, we believe that the sustainable finance ecosystem requires an interdisciplinary approach to be able to address the most pressing sustainability issues facing our planet. Our members come from across the university - law, history, math, business - and from undergraduates to postdocs.

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Our Partners

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Jimmy Jia 1 (1).JPG

Jimmy Jia
DPhil in Sustainable Finance at St. Anne's College

  • LinkedIn
Olivia Sanchez Sanchez 1.JPG.jpeg

Olivia S. Sánchez
BA in Jurisprudence at Lincoln College

  • LinkedIn
Karyn Miller.jpeg

Karyn Miller
MBA at Linacre College

  • LinkedIn
Dennis West 1 (1).JPG

Dennis West 
VP Academics and Chief Editor
DPhil in Organizations and Governance at Green Templeton College

  • LinkedIn
Manisha Sashtri.jfif

Manisha Shastri
VP Development, Careers and Alumni
EMBA at Saïd Business School

  • LinkedIn
Charlotte Avery.jfif

Charlotte Avery
VP Communications
BA Experimental Psychology at University College

  • LinkedIn
Tom Saitta.jfif

Thomas Saitta
VP Events
MBA at  New College

  • LinkedIn

Jamie Linsley-Parrish
Deputy Editor
DPhil in Geography and the Environment at Oriel College

  • LinkedIn
Charlotte Tang.jpeg

Charlotte Tang
Reading Group Manager
MLF at St Catherine's College

  • LinkedIn
Sam Jaques.jpeg

Samuel Jaques
Reading Group Manager
DPhil Material Sciences

  • LinkedIn
Mia Arnold.jpeg

Mia Arnold
Membership Officer
MBA at St. Hugh's College

  • LinkedIn
Tanisha Gapta.jpeg

Tanisha Gapta
Alliance and Outreach Manager
MBA at Lincoln College

  • LinkedIn

Theo Aspros
Social Media Manager
MLF at Oriel College

  • LinkedIn
Jin Ge Li.jpeg

Jin Ge Li
Events Officer
MLF at Lady Margaret Hall

  • LinkedIn
Oluwaseun Ayansola (Sage).jpeg

Oluwaseun Ayansola
Events Officer
MLF at Worcester College

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  • Free drink at your first event.

  • Opportunity to become part of the committee.

  • Access to exclusive events and formal receptions at Oxford.

  • Closer engagement with speakers and senior advisors. 

  • Special discount for paid events.


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