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Committee 2022-23

Jimmy Jia 1 (1).JPG

Jimmy Jia
DPhil in Sustainable Finance at St. Anne's College

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Olivia Sanchez Sanchez 1.JPG.jpeg

Olivia S. Sánchez
BA in Jurisprudence at Lincoln College

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Karyn Miller.jpeg

Karyn Miller
MBA at Linacre College

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Dennis West 1 (1).JPG

Dennis West 
VP Academics and Chief Editor
DPhil in Organizations and Governance at Green Templeton College

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Manisha Sashtri.jfif

Manisha Shastri
VP Development, Careers and Alumni
EMBA at Saïd Business School

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Charlotte Avery.jfif

Charlotte Avery
VP Communications
BA Experimental Psychology at University College

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Tom Saitta.jfif

Thomas Saitta
VP Events
MBA at  New College

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Jamie Linsley-Parrish
Deputy Editor
DPhil in Geography and the Environment at Oriel College

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Charlotte Tang.jpeg

Charlotte Tang
Reading Group Manager
MLF at St Catherine's College

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Sam Jaques.jpeg

Samuel Jaques
Reading Group Manager
DPhil Material Sciences

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Mia Arnold.jpeg

Mia Arnold
Membership Officer
MBA at St. Hugh's College

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Tanisha Gapta.jpeg

Tanisha Gapta
Alliance and Outreach Manager
MBA at Lincoln College

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Theo Aspros
Social Media Manager
MLF at Oriel College

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Jin Ge Li.jpeg

Jin Ge Li
Events Officer
MLF at Lady Margaret Hall

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Oluwaseun Ayansola (Sage).jpeg

Oluwaseun Ayansola
Events Officer
MLF at Worcester College

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